Public Notices

The Town of DISH publishes all public notices in the official town paper, on this website, and at Town Hall. (Some notices do not require newspaper publication). If you believe there is a posting error, please contact Town Hall.

Unless indicated otherwise below, public hearings are held in the DISH Town Hall.

Those wishing to speak FOR or AGAINST any of the items listed below are invited to attend the respective meetings. If you are unable to attend and have comments, you may send them to the Town of DISH and your input will be presented at the hearing.

You may view filed applications and proposed drawings, if applicable, at Town Hall during normal business hours.

The Town of DISH, Texas hereby notifies all interested parties that a public hearing will be conducted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 7:00 p.m. at DISH Town Hall located at 5413 Tim Donald Rd, DISH, Texas at which time the Planning and Zoning Commission will hear public comment on the extension of a conditional use permit for a base of operations and a storage yard of equipment used in natural gas production on certain area of land, approximately 5 acres, located at 2408 Strader Rd, DISH, TX.

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