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How does one get a permit?

One must submit plans describing the work with an application. Applications are available at town hall at 5413 Tim Donald Road. Applications are also available online and can be downloaded. Staff is available for help when applying.

Why are building permits required?

The primary reason is to reduce the potential hazards of unsafe construction practice and ensure the public health, safety and welfare of family, friends, visitors and potential or prospective buyers. If construction projects do not comply with minimum code requirements as required by state law, the value of the customer’s investment may be substantially reduced. Obtaining a permit first will hopefully avoid problems in the future not only with building construction but other laws or ordinances such as compliance with county zoning regulations, county development regulations, stormwater and floodplain management.

When is a building permit required for the construction of a residential detached accessory building?

A building permit is required for all residential detached accessory buildings, garages, sheds or minibarns greater than 200 square feet.

Can I do the work myself or must I hire a contractor?

As long as you have filed a homestead exemption with the Denton County Appraisal District, you can pull any construction permits and perform any construction work on your own home. In the State of Texas, under the Texas Homestead Act, Texas Plumbing License Law and Texas Mechanical License Law, if a person owns and lives on a property and claims it as their homestead, that person is allowed to do their own construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work on that home without being licensed by the state. A permit must still be issued by the Town of Dish (when required by building codes) before beginning the project, and the work must meet all applicable state and local building codes. The work is still inspected (if required) by the Building Inspector at regular intervals and must pass inspections just like any licensed contractor. Homeowners should carefully consider the complexity of a project when considering whether or not to hire a contractor.

How do I show the property is my homestead?

There are two ways to show proof of homestead. The first is by providing the town with a copy of your property tax statement from Denton County Appraisal District showing the homestead exemption. The second way is by completing and filing a Homestead Designation Affidavit with the County Clerk and providing the town with a filed marked copy. You can obtain a physical copy of an affidavit at the Denton County Appraisal District office or by going to their website

What about contractors?

The Town of Dish requires that a contractor be registered as a business in order to obtain permits. The registration does not necessarily mean that a contractor is a reputable businessperson. Any plumbing or mechanical contractor doing work on an individual’s home is required by the Texas Plumbing License Law or the Texas Mechanical License Law to have a license to work on that home. The license is required even if the scope of the work doesn’t require a permit and inspection. Homeowners should always check references before hiring a contractor. Homeowners should always require their contractors to obtain the proper permits and inspections.

When is a contractor license or registration not required?

In the State of Texas, a person living on a property with a homestead exemption is allowed to do their own construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work on that property and is NOT required to be licensed by the State. However, permits and inspections may be required by the homeowner.

What if the contractor does not get a permit?

When a contractor is discovered working without a permit, a building inspector will issue a stop work order. In these cases, some work may have to be uncovered for inspection and redone. The property owner is ultimately responsible for the work performed on his property.

Is there anything that does not require a permit?

YES… Any type of minor repair work such as painting, wallpapering, tiling, countertops, cabinets, any type of maintenance work that does not involve relocating or replacing walls, doors and windows.

What about inspections, when are they required?

Basically, inspections are required before any part of the construction may be covered up and at the completion of the project. Work such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical work and framing and insulation must be inspected before concealing.

What are the requirements for pre-fabricated structures?

Prefabricated accessory structures will require the submittal of the accompanying sales brochure provided by the vendor. A prefabricated accessory structure is not exempt from the foundation and tie-down requirements of a similar field built structure. Any structure that exceeds an area of 400 square feet will require a permanent foundation. This does not constitute or imply that a continuous perimeter foundation is required, however, a frost depth footing will be required to support the structure. All structures are required to be secured against a 90 mph wind load as dictated by the current edition of the adopted building code.

What are the requirements for pole buildings?

The 2009 International Building Code requires the following provisions to be followed in the design and construction of pole type buildings.

What model building codes have been adopted by the Town of Dish?

2009 International Building Code with local amendments, 2009 International Mechanical Code with local amendments, 2009 International Plumbing Code with local amendments, 2009 International Residential Code with local amendments, 2008 International Electrical Code with local amendments, 2009 International Fire Code with local amendments, 2009 International Energy Conservation Code with local amendments, 2009 International Fuel Gas Code with local amendments.

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